Pre-Prom Session – Sasha, Mikha, Theresia, Naomi, Cherissa, Kayla

Prom just had it spark few weeks ago. Considering all the hard works, starts from the make up, gorgeous dresses, shoes, we thought, why don’t we have a photo session?

We ended up doing it! Actually only 3 people who should have gone to the Prom, the rest of the girls were jumping in to the fun. Well, why not? Taken at Garrison Hill Tower, Dover, NH.

  CherKay(6)CherKay(3)CherKay(4)CherKay(5)  Mikha(1) Mikha(2) Naomi(1) Naomi(3) Sasha(1) Sasha(3) Theresia(1) Theresia(3) Z-Group(2) Z-Group(5)

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