Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in the business?

We have been a family & portrait photographer since 2005 and started wedding photography in 2012.

Do you only shoot a wedding?

While the wedding is our main market focus, we also do session for: engagement, senior, and family.

How far will you travel for my wedding?

All New England Region: New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island. Beyond that, the travel fees will be negotiated based on location and our availability.

What if my hotel, ceremony, and reception are at different places?

That’s fine! Even if the location for you and your spouse are separated during the preparation, we can work it out together to get both of your preparation covered.

Do I get the high-res files? and own the copyright of the image?

While you’ll get access to the high-res files, the copyright is still owned by Stovila Photography. You will receive the Print Release to print your pictures for your personal needs. Postcards, posters, canvases, calendars, just to name few, includes sharing the images on your personal social media with friends & family, as long as they are not for commercial use.

If the other wedding vendors/venue are asking for the photo files, let them contact us directly.

How many pictures should I expect to receive?

Approximately 400-800 pictures, depending on the length of coverage and the timeline of your wedding.

How to book, and how about the down-payment

Get in touch to check our availability. The booking is official when the contract is signed, and retainer fee is received.
To make a deposit, you can mail a check, ACH transfer, or use of Credit / Debit card.