Mike + Em Engagement – Autumn to Winter

How often do you shot for all-season engagement sessions?
We did the summer series for Mike & Em a couple of years ago, and they finished it with the foliage and snow this time.

Seems like it’s the best way to capture the wonders of New England.

Nicole & Tim Wedding – Ipswich Country Club, MA


In this land of a diverse country, you’ll find yourself in a diverse wedding every so often. Several languages are spoken by everyone that day, at this beautiful place, under the beautiful sunshine. I think it was Italy, English, and Spanish (probably more), and well… Indonesia too while Tia and I talked to each other :)

The rest of the night spent on the dance floor. From the youngest to the oldest generation, everyone just knew how to celebrate.

Rio & Ika – 5th Anniversary & Family Session

A quick family session and commemoration of their 5th wedding anniversary.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on fancy dining, when you can romantically eating a cupcake at your front yard, with a nice sunset color on your back… and photographed by us :)

Joyce & Max Engagement #1 – Stonehouse Pond, NH

Stovila NH Wedding Photography - Engagement Session

We definitely need to catch up with our blog post. A lot of photos that haven’t been published since last year.

Let’s start from last fall! We picked the Stonehouse Pond to catch the foliage color, although it was a tough year for all of us, autumn lover.

Joyce & Max! Most adorable couple we’ve met.

Not to mention they were willing to go 20 minutes hike on a dress and boots.

It’s ok, this dress is only $20 bucks from goodwill, we can ruin it” — there you go, girl!

Nicole & Brandon Rustic Wedding, Apple Orchard – Raymond, Maine

Meet Nichole, whose obsessed with Apple tree for some reason. Well, after photographing their engagement session, and their wedding at the apple orchard farms (Thompson’s Orchard & McDougal’s Orchard), we definitely get obsessed immediately as well! The trees, the blooms, the color, and everything is so whimsical. (To be honest, we had a little regret, why we didn’t have our wedding at the apple orchard instead. Seriously).

Followed by the reception at their beautiful and sweet log-house. Nichole and Brandon decorated the house, built the wooden dining table and the photobooth themselves! Such a craftmanship. Easily, it became one of the most memorable weddings we ever did :)

Stevan Family Session, Tendercrop Farm, Dover NH

We never get enough of sunflowers! Stevan family is from New York and happened to visit New Hampshire within the same week, so might as well take this opportunity to have their family photo session in the sunflower field.  Two growing boys have surely drained their energy, but they just never look tired, especially for the photos. Impressive.

And seems like they still like to have the idea of having more kid(s) in the house. I guess human strength and capacity can be measured in so many different ways… :)

Elsa Maternity Session – Tendercrop Farm Dover, NH

At Tendercrop Farm at the Red Barn – there always a Sunflower Festival once a year. It was a perfect time of the year for a photo session, and to congratulate this couple, Jonathan & Elsa for their coming first son, Winston.

The fact that they have been waiting for this moment years after years, and another year, showed that HOPE is something that we cannot live without. We are glad to be part of this, and now is time to share their wonderful photos!

Wedding Style Shoot Joanna – Wagon Hill Farm, Dover NH

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with other local talents to make this photo-shoot happened! We will do more of this in the future, not only to help to promote other local business but also to push our creativity and sparks a wedding inspiration to you. Meanwhile, enjoy our first gallery :)

Natasha Senior Portrait Session – Wagon Hill Farm, Dover, NH

Did a quick session with Natasha for her senior year portrait.

We brought our kids as well, Keva and Kevin to enjoy the weather at Wagon Hill Farm, observing all kinds of flowers and vegetable at their community garden, while Natasha unleashed her inner modeling talent :)

How to Find the Right (and Legit) Wedding Photographer?

In these days and age, so many resources available for you to find anything, anytime. Too many that it becomes overwhelming.

When you plan a wedding, you already have so many things on your hand. Adding unnecessary stress is unnecessary. Whether it’s time to choose your vendors, so many things to consider — especially their price & quality. Most of us always want to get the best value, agree?

Darika & Sam – Backyard Wedding – Lee, NH

Home sweet home never been as sweet as to celebrate your own wedding there. One perk of having a huge front and backyard is you can have all day wedding without being worried about the “overage” charge. This wedding held within 6 acres of private property, with a huge tent and even bouncing house at the end of the day. Although it might take Sam the entire weekend to mow the lawn, it is definitely worth it.

Alicia & Dave – Post Wedding – Fort Foster Kittery, Maine

This is supposed to be their engagement session… however time is not always in our favor. As it got closer to their wedding day, things were getting busy and busier. So one day they emailed us and suggest to do their “engagement session” after their wedding. Well, why not? Now they are definitely more comfortable in front of the camera after being photographed for 8 hours on their wedding day. So we had fun at Fort Foster, Kittery ME – although we didn’t get a chance to watch the sunset and to eat Pork BBQ like how we supposed, every time we visit this place.

The only challenge is to determine what category is this? Engagement? Portrait? Wedding? Family? Or all of them? Well…

Tim & Nicole Engagement at Prescott Park, Portsmouth NH

Late summer this year, we were lucky that we still able to enjoy all the spring colors. They drove all the way from Massachusetts to Portsmouth NH for their engagement session. Tim is the kind of guy you will immediately can easily connect (so bubbly) – and with Nicole they really make it as a cute couple. We were strolling the Prescott Park before we headed to downtown area under the sun.

A little side-note, Tim also running Simply Complex Media Productions (SimComMedia) that produce commercial film, photography and music. Check out his talents :)

Beth & Dave Wedding – The Oaks, Somersworth, NH

We met with the mother of the bride from the beginning, arrange everything together until we finally met with Dave & Beth on their wedding day. It is not that common for the mother to arrange everything, but everything ended very well. We got to know Beth and Dave, such a low-profile and sincere persons.

Mike & Em Engagement Session, Boston Public Garden, Fan Pier, Charles River

Mike & Em Engagement Session, Boston Public Garden, Fan Pier, Charles River | Boston & NH Wedding Photographers - STOVILA // Modern Professional Affordable 10

It was a fun day with Mike & Emelly at Boston. We started from Charles River, Boston Public Garden, and the infamous Boston Fan Pier. From the lineup of geese to the romantic evening city light. We also had dinner break at B.Good and oh my… they are so good indeed! Although it was quite a long session (we ended close to midnight) it was time well spent.

In case you’re wondering, the beautiful hairpieces in this photo is made by: Risha. Check her website! :)

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