Darika & Sam – Backyard Wedding – Lee, NH

Home sweet home never been as sweet as to celebrate your own wedding there. One perk of having a huge front and backyard is you can have all day wedding without being worried about the “overage” charge. This wedding held within 6 acres of private property, with a huge tent and even bouncing house at the end of the day. Although it might take Sam the entire weekend to mow the lawn, it is definitely worth it.

We had our first meeting at our house and found out that Sam apparently is a Realtor. We talked a bit about houses around this area, as he did a quick look on our house and said: “you should’ve made money already if you sell this house.” – sweet… maybe we should sell it anytime soon? :)

We talked, we clicked, they’re such a sweet and simple couple. It obviously shows on their wedding day, almost no formalities, and everyone just having fun. The most interesting part was after the ceremony, ALL the guests carried their own chair to the reception tent. We never saw anything like that before!

They ended the day with the swimming pool and inflatable jumping castle. Couldn’t ask for a better way to end one of the most beautiful days in their life. Congratulation Darika & Sam!

Wedding Dress: Madeleine’s Daughter Bridal Shop, Portsmouth NH // Wedding Cake: My Friend’s Bakery, Rochester NH // Catering: Good Cole’s BBQ, Brentwood, NH


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