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[Sidestory] The Bittersweet of Foliage in New England

We hate the fall season. We hate to rake all those leaves in the front yard, the worst season for our muscles — but… it is the best season for our vision! And from the highest ground, all those troubles bring beauty to life. Fall is worth the hassle, that’s for sure.

Rio & Ika – 5th Anniversary & Family Session

A quick family session and commemoration of their 5th wedding anniversary.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on fancy dining, when you can romantically eating a cupcake at your front yard, with a nice sunset color on your back… and photographed by us :)

Stevan Family Session, Tendercrop Farm, Dover NH

We never get enough of sunflowers! Stevan family is from New York and happened to visit New Hampshire within the same week, so might as well take this opportunity to have their family photo session in the sunflower field.  Two growing boys have surely drained their energy, but they just never look tired, especially for the photos. Impressive.

And seems like they still like to have the idea of having more kid(s) in the house. I guess human strength and capacity can be measured in so many different ways… :)

Elsa Maternity Session – Tendercrop Farm Dover, NH

At Tendercrop Farm at the Red Barn – there always a Sunflower Festival once a year. It was a perfect time of the year for a photo session, and to congratulate this couple, Jonathan & Elsa for their coming first son, Winston.

The fact that they have been waiting for this moment years after years, and another year, showed that HOPE is something that we cannot live without. We are glad to be part of this, and now is time to share their wonderful photos!

Wedding Style Shoot Joanna – Wagon Hill Farm, Dover NH

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with other local talents to make this photo-shoot happened! We will do more of this in the future, not only to help to promote other local business but also to push our creativity and sparks a wedding inspiration to you. Meanwhile, enjoy our first gallery :)

Natasha Senior Portrait Session – Wagon Hill Farm, Dover, NH

Did a quick session with Natasha for her senior year portrait.

We brought our kids as well, Keva and Kevin to enjoy the weather at Wagon Hill Farm, observing all kinds of flowers and vegetable at their community garden, while Natasha unleashed her inner modeling talent :)

Alicia & Dave – Post Wedding – Fort Foster Kittery, Maine

This is supposed to be their engagement session… however time is not always in our favor. As it got closer to their wedding day, things were getting busy and busier. So one day they emailed us and suggest to do their “engagement session” after their wedding. Well, why not? Now they are definitely more comfortable in front of the camera after being photographed for 8 hours on their wedding day. So we had fun at Fort Foster, Kittery ME – although we didn’t get a chance to watch the sunset and to eat Pork BBQ like how we supposed, every time we visit this place.

The only challenge is to determine what category is this? Engagement? Portrait? Wedding? Family? Or all of them? Well…

Irene Graduation! – Tendercorp Farm, Dover NH

Irene Graduation! - Tendercorp Farm, Dover NH | Boston & NH Wedding Photographers - STOVILA // Modern Professional Affordable 7

Congratulation Irene for your graduation! Best is yet to come, and good luck on the land of never-ending bills as you are adulting. No turning back :) – It was raining when we had the session, but that’s what the newer weather-sealed lenses and camera are made for right?

Alan & Karina Christmas Session – Archambault Tree Farm, Newmarket, NH

Alan & Karina Christmas Session - Archambault Tree Farm, Newmarket, NH | Boston & NH Wedding Photographers - STOVILA // Modern Professional Affordable 2

Some of you might remember them, back in 2013, they were our wedding couple. One night, on Friday, Karina messaged us through Facebook to request a photo session for their Christmas Card. It was quite sudden, that our only open slot was only the following Sunday (2 days later).

They came all the way from Quincy, MA to our beloved state of NH. We had a great time at Archambault Tree Farm, Newmarket, NH. It was also our first time seeing how the real Christmas Tree been taken down and packed. Great experience :)

Here are some of their pictures!

Theresia Senior Portrait – Dover, NH

Theresia Senior Portrait - Dover, NH | Boston & NH Wedding Photographers - STOVILA // Modern Professional Affordable 1

Meet Theresia; she can be awkward at first but if she get comfortable, she can be as noisy as a broken radio.

She’s known to be kind of slow at getting jokes and also for her contagious laugh. Oh, some people think she’s depressing because she wears dark clothes very often. Other than that, she dreams big and a hard worker!

Sasha Senior Portrait Session – Dover, NH

Sasha Senior Portrait Session - Dover, NH | Boston & NH Wedding Photographers - STOVILA // Modern Professional Affordable 5

Sasha, High School student who finds passion in the music performance field. She’s hoping and fighting for that in the future. Not to only bring success in her life and her family, but to reach out to others and help others.

She’s definitely an extrovert and easy to get along with quirky person. Overall, to put it simply in the 7 Cs, she’s carefree, confident, caring, creative, crazy c00l, and kfC, (so she said) and she believe she will become the next Beyoncé.

Mikha’s Senior Portrait, Somersworth NH

Mikha's Senior Portrait, Somersworth NH | Boston & NH Wedding Photographers - STOVILA // Modern Professional Affordable 5

“Let’s travel somewhere!”

Love the vibrant of these fall colors, golden sun and blue sky :)

Mikha. (Mee-ka). Family and friends usually call her Kha, Mik, Mike, Muka, and Juan (inside joke). Currently a senior at SHS. Hoping to get into college next year to go for her MBA, and hopefully, she’ll also be able get her TEFL certificate if things go as planned.

Although she doesn’t look like one, actually she’s a very shy person, and she has a very bad stage fright. But once she know a person well enough, that’s when you get to see her wacky side.

Lisa & Family Session – Hanson Pines, Rochester, NH

Lisa & Family Session - Hanson Pines, Rochester, NH | Boston & NH Wedding Photographers - STOVILA // Modern Professional Affordable 1

Romance shouldn’t be over when you get married. Nor when you have kid(s) and growing up. Through all the hard times, never-ending waste on diapers, lack of sleep, infinite amount of stupid questions, more and more toys, first car, while they always think: “Oh, I know everything…

Well, maybe that’s what true romance is all about; to give support, courageous and taking care and to be held accountable to each other.

Not sure how bad Lisa gave her parents dilemmas (hahaha!), but seeing how they are during our photo session are just mesmerizing (humorous people indeed). Family is a blessing, happiness is an act. It does not come for free & easy, but with all sacrifices and efforts.

Now, enjoy some of the pictures ;)

Matthew’s Senior Portraits, Garrison Hill, Dover NH

Meet Matthew, the serious guy (according to his Mom :)).

This is our first Senior session this year, and we had it at our favorite place, Garrison Hill, Dover NH. Not only it’s only 5 minutes away, but they have many different views from all different angles.

Now for some update, you might want to have new pictures of yourself this year. Yeah, your old pictures probably already out-dated! You might want to show your new hair-style, make up or even your pet / new gears / gadgets / many more on your coming yearbook!

We currently open our dates for Senior session, 30 minutes to 1 hour. Make sure to book in advance, and get your spot :)

Beibee (Baby) – Maternity Session

Celebrating the new life! We still don’t know yet the gender of the baby, so it is kind of exciting and frustrating (to some people, especially her parents) at the same time.

We had this session on Rochester, NH. The field of wild flowers and grasses. Was kinda expecting the golden hour, but we got a thick cloud instead. Well, as long as it’s not raining :)

See you in October, little boy/girl!

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