Lisa & Family Session – Hanson Pines, Rochester, NH

Romance shouldn’t be over when you get married. Nor when you have kid(s) and growing up. Through all the hard times, never-ending waste on diapers, lack of sleep, infinite amount of stupid questions, more and more toys, first car, while they always think: “Oh, I know everything…

Well, maybe that’s what true romance is all about; to give support, courageous and taking care and to be held accountable to each other.

Not sure how bad Lisa gave her parents dilemmas (hahaha!), but seeing how they are during our photo session are just mesmerizing (humorous people indeed). Family is a blessing, happiness is an act. It does not come for free & easy, but with all sacrifices and efforts.

Now, enjoy some of the pictures ;)





Comments (2):

  1. siana Pilot

    23 Oct ’14 at 10:02 pm

    Beautiful family pictures, loved it!

  2. Lisa

    27 Oct ’14 at 11:46 am

    Thank you octa and tya for taking our family picture. This is definitely will be part of our memory.


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