Mimo & Icha Engagement Continues…

Not many couple are willing to do Engagement session more than once. Well, they are not an ordinary couple :) – if you remember, they had a fantastic night city-view session last time at Boston Pier, MA. This time, Mimo & Icha wants to do something more natural and more of autumn feel.

Taken at State Park of Newburyport, MA, and Castle Hill, Ipswich, MA. Gorgeous place, though at the Castle Hill we didn’t have enough time, as Mimo needs to go to work that following afternoon. So we only had 40 minutes session, including some hike and jog around the hills… but it was worth it!

H&I NP (26)H&I NP (69) H&I NP (34) H&I NP (46) H&I NP (57) H&I NP (61) H&I NP (66)

H&I NP (5)


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