Michael & Annie Marriage Proposal

For those who are little bit confuse, in Asia, most of marriage proposal (engagement) is done by both parents of the man & the woman. The man’s parents are “asking” the parents of the woman to “give” their daughter as part of their new family. With respectful & symbolic gesture, the parents of the man will also give some favors to the woman to create a new bond in their family. Mostly it’s a precious item such as jewelry. Along the way, they will also have a small worship session depends on their religious belief, lead by their spiritual leaders as well as to receive their blessing. Marriage is a start for the lifetime journey, to make two imperfect persons perfecting each other through their weakness and strength, by the grace of the Lord.

Alright, so that’s the best explanation I can come up with, sorry if there’s a little differences as every part of the countries has their own style – sometimes it’s not even just a jewelry but also a cattle & crops!

Congratulation for Michael & Annie for your engagement!

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