Merry Christmas 2013 & Happy New Year 2014!

Hi guys! we hope you completed 2013 strong and wonderfully! Best of 2014 is yet to come, but we believe God’s grace is never end. It was a busy December, as we also joined and helped the preparation of our Local Church for their Christmas Celebration. We did a little different experiments with DIY Photo-booth ($100 – $150 budget) compared to last year.  Here’s a little breakdown about our Photobooth:

  • We’re using the gift-wrap paper as the background (hence a little flare effect on the back).
  • Camera on tripod, connected to my laptop via USB, tethered with Lightroom (preset applied).
  • Exported periodically into Canon Selphy‘s Folder to make it easier.
  • Laptop connected to the Printer via SSID, and print directly via their software.

Simple, neat, even though a little slow due to the speed of the printer (like 1 minute / picture), and semi-automatic process. However, the quality and the result is just grand! Enjoy our little gallery, and we wish you again the very best year of 2014 to come! :D


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