Jon & Elsa Mini Portrait Session

There’s a saying: “Marry the one you love, and love the one you married.

Jon & Elsa just passed 1st year of their marriage. We know.. first couple years are “honeymoon stage” :) — later on, year 3 – 7 is where the real challenge begins. Of course there will be a lot of adjustments, compromises and sacrifices need to be done, especially when there are children involved.

Not saying I’m full of experience, ah heck! my wife and I are not even hit our 1st anniversary yet, lol – but this is the least thing I can give to this couple.

A love portraits which I hope will keep them strong for many years to come; when they’re into a fight, distress with new insurance policy, migraine while chasing their kids around the house, burnt toast, undesirable new spouse’s haircut; But when the quiet evening approach, they can sit down, look at these photographs, relieves and say:

You know what? I am glad that I have to go through all this crap with you by my side.

YE (2) YE (3) YE (4) YE (5) YE (6) YE (7) YE (8) YE (9) YE (10)

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