Helen & Brandon Wedding, Hale Reservation, Westwood MA

Talking about being simple, how about this: No make up, no hair-styling, no jewelries, and less than 10 minutes of “getting ready.” It’s like talking about being comfortable and be yourself to the next level.

When whe arrived on site, they were still in their casual outfit, setting up the wedding decoration, and relocating the ceremony facilities (due to weather). Aware that we have arrived, they simply said “Ok, we’ll be getting ready now, please wait” – and both of them went into 2 different room. Less than 10 minutes later, while we were setting up our flashlight and deciding whether or not should we took some picture of them getting ready, they walked out of the room “Ok, we’re done” – and left us speechless for few seconds. “Allright, let’s start taking photos!”

Yes, it was unfortunate that the weather was not compromising their wedding, so the ceremony site was moved under the tent at the backyard of the building, which is supposedly way too tight to hold 100 plus people. Didn’t matter, everything and everyone enjoyed every minute of it. Beside, the rain actually gave us fewof  gorgeous shots!

List of Vendors – Venue: Hale Reservation, Westwood MA  // Florist & Decor: Muddy Feet Farm (muddyfeetflowerfarm.blogspot.com) // Wedding Cake: Wegman’s (www.wegmans.com) //  Catering Service: Big Pig Barbecue (www.bigpigbarbecue.com) // Bartender: Boston North Bartending // Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal // Officiant: Rory Gawler

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