Alan & Karina – Engagement Session

I remember the first day I came back to work after my honeymoon. One of my friends at work shot me with this repeatable question:

Why? … why? … why? …. why? …. why?” while he pointed his index finger to my chest.
I replied “Why of what?

Why are you getting married?” implied he had a failing marriage before, he despises marriage ever since. Well, I know for most people marriage is a big thing, responsibility, commitment and so on, including big stress, dilemma and sacrifice. I am not saying they’re all wrong, it is what it is.

But there are also a big blessing, courage, power, influence and honor behind every marriage if both persons understand the reason & purpose of it. Marriage is an eternal journey with a mission. There is no couple who’s magically live happily ever after as each has him/her part to work on in their marriage.

To love someone is not a feeling, or tingling sensation within our heart. To love someone is a decision and commitment. That’s one of the important parts I remember from my wedding Vow, and I have to keep that for the rest of my life.

I, then replied to my friend “Well, it is my calling to get married.” we laughed while he shook his head.

Featuring our latest couple, Alan and Karina. We are so happy for them. Their love journey was quite challenging and cute, from Texas to Boston, MA with love :) — their wedding is coming this August 10, 2013. We wish the best for their preparation, let everything going well and the best weather as well.

Enjoy some of their engagement photos session!


IMG_9776 IMG_9780 IMG_9796 IMG_9815 IMG_9773 IMG_9794 IMG_9839 IMG_9877 IMG_9878 IMG_9883 IMG_9886 IMG_9915 IMG_9921IMG_9941


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