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Michael & Annie Wedding – Sheraton Harborside, Portsmouth NH

Michael & Annie Wedding - Sheraton Harborside, Portsmouth NH | Boston & NH Wedding Photographers - STOVILA // Modern Professional Affordable 3

We started 2016 with this Winter Wedding of our beloved friends, Michael & Annie.

We’ve seen it all; since they started dating each other, gathered all the courage to talked about marriage, the proposal, went through pre-marital counseling for months and months, clueless and frustrated with planning a wedding timeline, and here they are today as a husband and wife.

For us, to be able to bear witness (and capturing) one of the most important points of their life is  always a privilege. What’s left in our prayer now, is for them not to fight each other while walking through the kitchen aisle at IKEA.

Ashley & Jay Wedding – Waterworks Cafe, Manchester NH

Ashley & Jay Wedding - Waterworks Cafe, Manchester NH | Boston & NH Wedding Photographers - STOVILA // Modern Professional Affordable 24

Do you know there’s another way to celebrate New Year? Getting married!

Although it was on Thursday, it didn’t matter; party must goes on. It’s quite an experience for us to cover a New Year’s Eve wedding as we never had that before. We saw a lot of NYE props at the photo booth, bunch of trumpets. The excitement among the guests also pretty rad, on which we think it’s the euphoria of the NYE. However we didn’t stay until past-midnight as our coverage ended at 10:30PM, but it’s all right since we had a chance to celebrate the NYE with our friends and family after that :)

Ashley and Jay are laid-back and a wonderful couple, while the groomsmen were hilarious and quite a ‘trouble-maker’ (in a good way) -we had a lot of fun with them. Ashley and Jay also have a little Son, who gave a lot of headache to Bridesmaid in getting him into the Tux during preparation. Another thing to mention is, Waterworks Cafe is a very nice and classy venue. Would love to come back there again sometimes ;)

Kristen & Bryan Wedding – Tirrell Room, Quincy MA

Kristen & Bryan Wedding - Tirrell Room, Quincy MA | Boston & NH Wedding Photographers - STOVILA // Modern Professional Affordable 1

“To be having this kind of weather in December (70°F), I believe it’s the work from above”

Said the Father of the bride during his speech on Reception. It’s true though, weather permitted us to have a great time photographing the gorgeous bridal party outdoor by Boston Fan Pier.

Kristen is a lovely person with a lot of energy. We can say that by looking at all the bridesmaids she attracted into her life :) — in the other hand, Bryan, he’s the man: Calm and confident. This is our first wedding where we have to travel so much to different places (five places to be exact, although they’re around 2-7 miles each), but since it’s Boston, you can imagine its traffic on the weekend.

No complain, we enjoyed every bit of every location. They also had their beautiful ceremony at Gate of Heaven Church, South Boston MA (Cathedral) with its grand architecture.


Kirstin & Matthew Wedding – Grace, Portland, ME

Kirstin & Matthew Wedding - Grace, Portland, ME | Boston & NH Wedding Photographers - STOVILA // Modern Professional Affordable 37

Meet the couple from Los Angeles who traveled all the way to Maine, plus Charlotte the little one :)

Matthew was deployed for 6 months by the US Air Force earlier this year, so it is now a perfect time to be gathered and enjoy with the family. Beside, for Charlotte herself to see her parents getting married… it’s definitely going to be one of the best days in her life.

The wedding took place at Grace Restaurant over Portland Maine. This place used to be a church (Gothic Revival style) in 1850’s where now turned into a fine-dining restaurant. The architecture inside is stunning!

Laura & Dax Wedding – Mountain View Grand, NH

Laura & Dax Wedding - Mountain View Grand, NH | Boston & NH Wedding Photographers - STOVILA // Modern Professional Affordable 4

Thursday Wedding! At Mountain View Grand Resort & Spa. They absolutely picked the perfect place for their wedding. Gorgeous mountain view during foliage season, absolutely worth the 2.5 hours trip! We were a little bit hysterical while driving through Kancamangus Hwy. Should we didn’t have to be there on time for the wedding, we would’ve make a lot of stops to enjoy those scenic views.

This resort is like a mixture between classic and modern. They have a very old elevator, which is man-operated with a manual (ring) bell to call the elevator-guy. That “DING!” sound was pretty cool though.

Both Laura and Dax are a very calm, attentive and kind persons. We really enjoyed to cover their wedding, especially with all those hyper and sensational bridesmaid and groomsmen :) couldn’t had it much better!


Ruthie & Dan Wedding – Berwick Academy, ME

Ruthie & Dan Wedding - Berwick Academy, ME | Boston & NH Wedding Photographers - STOVILA // Modern Professional Affordable 2

So, they were getting married! Remember Ruthie & Dan? They finally tied their knot at her High School, which is Berwick Academy, Maine. It definitely had its sentimental value and nostalgia throughout the evening, especially when her music teacher performed couple songs with her during reception.

Not only she has a beautiful voice that mesmerized all the guests, it also brought tears to a few. So many things happened that day: the missing badge, traffic, elevator stopped working, but it ends perfectly by the end of the day. Those “bad” things become parts of their sweet memories. I remember while the boys are getting ready, Dan’s best man asked “Ok, what else do you need now?” where Dan firmly answered “WHISKEY!” ;)

Jeff & Joanie Wedding – Peak Island, ME

Jeff & Joanie Wedding - Peak Island, ME | Boston & NH Wedding Photographers - STOVILA // Modern Professional Affordable 10

This is probably the most memorable weddings we had. It was a wedding plus family reunion, as the couple are in their mid-50s. Eighth Maine Regiment Memorial at the Peak Island, ME is truly a beautiful site. A historical building which turned into a hotel (or villa), with a beautiful lake view on the back.

While Jeff & Joan from Palo Alto, CA, all friends and family flew from all over USA plus 5 different countries around the world. Everyone know each other, and it actually was the first wedding where we able to sit, enjoy and listening through every single speeches from each party for… maybe 40 minutes.

So many tears and laughter and stories to be told from their brothers, sisters, son and daughter. Age doesn’t stop you from finding true love, and we are glad they found each other.

Ok, enough with the post, now picture time!

Helmuth & Icha Wedding, Seacoast Science Center, Portsmouth NH

Helmuth & Icha Wedding, Seacoast Science Center, Portsmouth NH | Boston & NH Wedding Photographers - STOVILA // Modern Professional Affordable 13

Our dearest friends just celebrate their wedding last month. While the groom is a talented guitarist, the bride is also a great vocalist. A lot of detail preparation has been put down for this wedding, which many of them were handmade by the Marisha, kudos! (I also heard that the wedding dress already bought almost a year before the wedding).

It was a very busy wedding, we were pacing with the time for most of the day. As exhausting it was for them and for us, by the end of the day it’s all worth it. Now enjoy some of these delicious photographs!

Todd & Sarah Wedding – Clay Hill Farm, ME

Todd & Sarah Wedding - Clay Hill Farm, ME | Boston & NH Wedding Photographers - STOVILA // Modern Professional Affordable 34

Meet Todd & Sarah, our Thanksgiving couple. They had their wedding on Black Friday’s weekend, whereas people are lined up in front of Best Buy & Target. The weather was not really friendly; windy day at 30s F, so there were not too many outdoor pictures for them to be taken.

The chronology of this wedding went from place to places. First, Sarah and all her Bridesmaid got her hair, make up and dress done at Anchorage by the Sea, York, Maine. Todd and his Groomsmen were getting ready at Todd’s aunt place, which is around 20 minutes apart (also the reason why 2 photographers are doing you great favor :))

The Ceremony held at Georges Episcopal Church, York, ME. No flash photography allowed during ceremony, so it’s quite challenging since their indoor lightnings were not quite as bright as we expected.

The Reception, was at Clay Hill Farm, ME. Small but very tasteful taste. The foods are great! We’ll definitely visit there sometimes in the future for dinner / breakfast.

Before gets too long with the words, enjoy some of the pictures from our album :)

Andy & Ashley Wedding – Saphire Estate, Sharon MA

Andy & Ashley Wedding - Saphire Estate, Sharon MA | Boston & NH Wedding Photographers - STOVILA // Modern Professional Affordable 31

Meet Andy & Ashley, whom probably the most laid-back couple we’ve met. No strain / stress shown throughout their wedding day, only joy, fun and laughter.

Yeah, we kinda figured that out ever since our first meeting at Mixx FroYo, Boston last year. “We’re definitely not a romantic person… so please no cheesy pose or ideas” something like that, ha! In a way, it’s good. Most wedding day becomes such a burden for the couple (Brides mostly) as they are striving for perfection on every detail and aspect.

What if the DJ’s late? What if the cake destroyed? What if it’s raining?

Speaking of raining, it was pretty cloudy that day with 80% chance of shower. They have prepared pair of boots and umbrellas. If it’s rain, then let it rain! Fortunately the rain was delayed till evening.

Embrace the imperfections, just get the best out of it, and enjoy! (also applies to these following pictures :D ).

Jeff & Ashley Wedding – Jackson Gore Inn, Okemo Mt. VT

One of our favorite states, Vermont. You’ll witness beautiful farms and mountains on both side of your journey there.

My wife and I arrived there a day before and gave ourselves a good rest as we enjoyed the nature. We drove to the peak of Okemo Mt. to watched the sunset, and had some meals at some local restaurants.

We stayed at Okemo Mountain Lodging which is pretty much an apartment with its own kitchen. Cool! So we tried to do some groceries shop… and apparently Shaws was the only shopping place they have around that area.

No Market Basket, Walmart / Hannaford within the next 60 miles. All right, better than nothing though they completely marked up the prices, lol. It was a good little vacation for us anyway :)

Now, meet Jeff and Ashley, lovely couple who traveled far from North Carolina back to their home-state of Vermont for their wedding. They moved to NC following Jeff’s career transfer. Jeff also a goalie in his Hockey Team. Now, let’s enjoy some of their pictures and stories!

Jorge & Leyda Wedding – Hudson, NH

“Better spend your saving to fill your new house (home) rather than blew it all at once on your wedding day.”

That’s what our friends told us when we’re getting married. Definitely not a popular quote for wedding vendors (lol) but the truth must be spoken! — Not only with material but as well with all other investment, time and efforts.

It is quite uncommon practice, but marriage education (or pre-marital counseling) is one of the things I know is good. To learn and study the nature and purpose of marriage, to live united, to handle fight and conflict in healthy way, and other things. It’s one of good areas on which you could invest your time, not only to prepare that one wedding day, but for the eternity after you said you’ll do :)

Now back to the saving! You’ll heard a lot to save money on your wedding, and one of the most popular tips is to DIY (Do It Yourself). It will be a nightmare if you have no idea what you’re doing, but if you’re a crafty person and have a tasteful skill, you could make literally any places beautiful!

Leyda, the Bride, was once a florist, hence her DIY project are just amazing. It’s a backyard wedding, with a mid-size tent on the front lawn. Simple but sublime! Enjoy.

Matt & Laura Wedding – Belgrade Lakes, Maine

Backyard wedding couldn’t be more beautiful with the lake-front view (maybe it is with mountains and rainbow). Their family house has exactly that, up in Belgrade Lakes, ME. When we arrived, all the kids were swimming all over the lake (if only I brought my short).

Matt & Laura, a Musician and Coca-cola’s lover. Both of them, also their families really know how to party, and surprisingly 90% of the guests were rocking the floor! When you have a straight 4 hours of dance time, your feet will be really worn out; no complaint though – it was a great night!

Enjoy the galleries! :)

Paul & Susan Wedding – Bethel Church, Dover, NH

It is now official! Susan will have to change her maiden name :)

Their wedding was relatively short. In the morning, there was not enough time for the make up and preparation to be photographed (due to some conflict with their planning) but overall it went pretty well, and happy ending.

The weather was nice, the foods… (oh boy, no need to ask), and the dance time at the end of reception was really fun and exciting.

No further due, please enjoy some of the pictures!

Tim & Andrea Wedding – Westport Island (Wiscasset), Maine

Meet Tim & Andrea, they are our first wedding couple in 2014.

They rented the private house (The Smith House) with their friends and family, and spent the whole week over there at Westport Island, ME. Gorgeous view of waterfront and back! Not to mention it has a huge green land.

Even though there were only 23 people in this small wedding, this would be the most intimate wedding we have known! Everyone at the wedding are so joyful, laid back, kind to us. buy cialis 20mg. Some of them are cool, some are crazy (lol).

Each event and photograph has its own story of their family, tradition, passion and reminiscence (not possible to list all pictures here). Start from, they brewed their own beer! as Tim work in this field :) — and then, the story goes on…

God bless your marriage, and stay in good health!

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