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Alan and Karina Wedding – Marriott Long Wharf, Boston MA

What makes a great lover?

A great lover is someone who can satisfy one woman over a lifetime, and who can be satisfied by one woman all his life long. Great lover is not someone who goes from woman to woman to woman.

Commitment is a beautiful thing, as it one of parts in life that defined a man.

Congratulation Alan & Karina, finally joining the “Marriagehood!!” :)

They are a very sweet, caring and gentle couple, to the fact that Alan loves shopping and gaming, while Karina loves cooking and watching Anime.

The location of the wedding is Marriott Long Wharf in Boston. After the ceremony, we went outdoor for our mini portrait session, and we were stunned with the gorgeous view of Long Wharf Pier. Dozen of street musicians, tourist, restaurants and oceanic view with boats floating around. So many colors, emotions and passions all around. It was a perfect place to celebrate the wedding day, in my opinion.

We proceed to the harbor-view ballroom for the reception. Delicious foods, big line-up of windows around the room, cozy terrace, great dance, dance and more dance! They can dance! All the families can dance!! Even the toddlers…  My wife and I? We were on the side, producing pictures.

Now, enjoy some photos :)

Andre and Klarissa Wedding – Sheraton Harborside, Portsmouth NH

Small and intimate wedding reception held at Sheraton Portsmouth Harborside Hotel. Lots of smiling faces and love in the air. Did we mentioned that the bride can wonderfully sing and dance? We had a great time :) — Now, enjoy the gallery!

Rio and Ika Wedding – Frank Jones, Portsmouth NH

Mario and Melika: Two of them have some quite similarities especially their weight, height and their smile :)

One thing you will find from this couple is how humble and kind-heart they are. I’m honored to be able to served them in their Wedding day. Hope your marriage will last forever, and be a blessing to your community.

Cheers~ ♥

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