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Jan B’s Family Reunion – Riverwoods, Exeter NH

A little detour from wedding photography. We had a chance to photograph a family reunion of 4 generations, ranging from 8 months to 92 years old. They’re almost a century apart! It was really a heartwarming and pleasant evening for us. Family is absolutely the most precious thing you can have, don’t walk away from them.

Enjoy some of our captured moments, with some cuteness overload of the kids! :)

Xander Wallace – 1st Birthday!

Hi Xander, it was a small party at your backyard but definitely a fun time surround with fun kids and people – fabulous food as well!

Happy birthday! I hope you had a wonderful first year on earth (though you might not remember this moment when you grow up, these pictures shall be your evidence).

Pre-Prom Session – Sasha, Mikha, Theresia, Naomi, Cherissa, Kayla

Prom just had it spark few weeks ago. Considering all the hard works, starts from the make up, gorgeous dresses, shoes, we thought, why don’t we have a photo session?

We ended up doing it! Actually only 3 people who should have gone to the Prom, the rest of the girls were jumping in to the fun. Well, why not? Taken at Garrison Hill Tower, Dover, NH.

Jon & Elsa Mini Portrait Session

There’s a saying: “Marry the one you love, and love the one you married.

Jon & Elsa just passed 1st year of their marriage. We know.. first couple years are “honeymoon stage” :) — later on, year 3 – 7 is where the real challenge begins. Of course there will be a lot of adjustments, compromises and sacrifices need to be done, especially when there are children involved.

Not saying I’m full of experience, ah heck! my wife and I are not even hit our 1st anniversary yet, lol – but this is the least thing I can give to this couple.

A love portraits which I hope will keep them strong for many years to come; when they’re into a fight, distress with new insurance policy, migraine while chasing their kids around the house, burnt toast, undesirable new spouse’s haircut; But when the quiet evening approach, they can sit down, look at these photographs, relieves and say:

You know what? I am glad that I have to go through all this crap with you by my side.

Merry Christmas 2013 & Happy New Year 2014!

Hi guys! we hope you completed 2013 strong and wonderfully! Best of 2014 is yet to come, but we believe God’s grace is never end. It was a busy December, as we also joined and helped the preparation of our Local Church for their Christmas Celebration. We did a little different experiments with DIY Photo-booth ($100 – $150 budget) compared to last year.  Here’s a little breakdown about our Photobooth:

  • We’re using the gift-wrap paper as the background (hence a little flare effect on the back).
  • Camera on tripod, connected to my laptop via USB, tethered with Lightroom (preset applied).
  • Exported periodically into Canon Selphy‘s Folder to make it easier.
  • Laptop connected to the Printer via SSID, and print directly via their software.

Simple, neat, even though a little slow due to the speed of the printer (like 1 minute / picture), and semi-automatic process. However, the quality and the result is just grand! Enjoy our little gallery, and we wish you again the very best year of 2014 to come! :D

Ryan Family Portrait Session

Mini family session with Ryan, Cake (Kanthira) and baby Xander. Taken at Portsmouth Country Club. 

We tried to capture the last colors of foliage before winter is taking over. Xander has gotten so big and healthy now, and I believe he will grow strong in the spirit of PATRIOTS as well :)

Xander Wallace – Newborn Session

We were happy to be able to visit this newborn baby of Ryan & Kanthira. His name is Xander, quite a big boy with a big hands. Ah, he will be a generous guy with a big heart and openhanded we pray. Even the name Xander means: Defender of mankind, they told us. How awesome is that? 

I once read “Don’t worry if your children are not listening to you. Worry for what they see from you.

We believe children are gift from God. It is our legacy to pass on an honorable life to our next generation. Be a good example, and teach them well until they find their own vision. Good luck for your new parenting journey, Ryan & Kanthira! Stay healthy :)

Naomi Graduation, Boston University

Boston University, Naomi has graduated! Finished her Romance & Spanish Literature, Naomi will continue her study in Milan, Italy. Our best wishes for her and family :) – We had a great time in Boston even though little rain started to drip in the evening.

Julia Graduation, University of New Hampshire

Congratulation Julia for your graduation! She finished her study at University of New Hampshire with Magna Cum Laude. Couldn’t be happier we were able to captured one of their happiest days in life. Again, congratulation! :)

Fashion for a Cause, C-Style Boutique

Fashion for a Cause, held in Dover Elks, NH. One non-profit event from C-Style Boutique where all revenue went to support Community Partners. It was a great night for us to see many talented of cute, cool, beautiful, handsome, funny, and amazing models from all ages with those nice color selections for Spring.

RCBC Fiesta 2012 – Photo Booth!

This is the annual festival my local Church celebrate every year. This year I had a chance to built my very first time Photo Booth. With a super low budget ($30 + stealing borrowing stuffs from here and there), with some helps from friends, we managed to get a nice (4) setups that everyone can enjoy :)

This event dominated by Indonesian food, followed by some groceries, souvenirs, services and also decorated with games and competitions.  It was fun, and I am looking forward for 2013 to come :)

Baby Lionel Pangemanan

This little boss was 2.5 months old when I took these pictures. He’s quite a real deal, never seen a child quite like him. Always smiling and stares to your deepest dignity hahaha. Baby Lionel, the first son of Michael and Ela.

Baby Valerie

Baby Valerie, 10 months old, the youngest daughter of Tommy and Fanny. I really love her pair of eyes :) — and she was so close to me that time, but today she will cry whenever I enter her 5 feet radius :(

Disney One Ice – Toy Story 3

My first time, attending Disney on Ice. Quite a spectacular show, featuring all characters from Toy Story 3. Held in TD Garden, Boston, MA. It was also my first experiment using my new (used) lens, Canon 70-210 mm 3.5 – 4.5 which served me so well :)

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