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How do you want to remember your wedding?

How do you want to remember your wedding?


How do you want to remember your wedding?


How do you want to remember your wedding?


How do you want to remember your wedding?

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How do you want to remember your wedding?

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How do you want to remember your wedding?

It’s not all about the picture-perfect,
your true story is what matters the most.

Every wedding is special and original for every couple.
That’s the story you want to share;
That’s the story we will capture.

Wedding Photos Don’t Have to be Boring & Cheesy!

Watch this one-minute+ video,
and see the reason why we LOVE doing what we do.


Our photography: is romantic fun, candid and authentic.

What do we mean by authentic? 

As we said, we’re not looking to photograph a picture-perfect wedding; Everything doesn’t have to be flawless. The weather could be bad, the steak overcooked, and you might even forget your vows during the ceremony,  but all those are your real story to share with the world another day and laugh about it.

We want you to remember your wedding the way it was.

You have your way to celebrate your wedding day.
We have our way to give that experience back to you.

We are Octa & Tia

Husband & wife team, based in New Hampshire.

We started photographing weddings in 2012, and love every bit of it.

It’s an honor for us to witness and capture
one of your biggest milestones in life: marriage
— it is true.


"I can't say enough wonderful things about Octa and Tia, both as photographers and as people..." (Nikki & Dan).
from Google Review

We believe that:

  1. A wedding is a big deal.
  2. The photograph doesn’t make your wedding; the wedding will make photographs.
  3. Not everything needs to be photographed, there’s privacy.
  4. It’s ok to cry in front of people and the camera. We won’t take a picture of your snot, only tears.
  5. We can’t make you look more beautiful. The make-up artist has done a great job.
  6. You are the best when you’re being you, and only you can do that.
  7. We are not loud and we don’t think it’s necessary to break the ice.
  8. The quality of the pictures has nothing to do with quantity. You will receive the best quality of photographs, however many there will be.
  9. You would need at least two photographers even for the smallest wedding.
  10. We shouldn’t wear a pair of jeans and a polo shirt at your wedding.

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