About Us & F.A.Q

“All children are born artists; the problem is to remain an artist as we grow up (Pablo Picasso).”

Hello, meet Octa (Octavianus) myself and my wife Tia (Aristiya).

We live in Somersworth, NH, and we got married in 2013. We met each other the first time in elementary school.

So, I grew up with camera around me. My dad has been a wedding photographer since 1990s - now, so I have learnt a lot from him ever since I was a kid. I joined photography club in my high-school, and before I know it, it drove me to where I am today. Other than photography, I also love building websites. 

Tia on the other hand, grew up in the field. She's a sporty girl, and joined the basketball club in her high school. She is also good at swimming. She took a Visual Communication Design for her bachelor degree, and worked as a full time graphic designer at wedding souvenir company (still do as part time today). She's good at crafts, illustrations, and she's also good with kids!


What do we love in common?

Our church & community, coffee & tea, cute puppy (though can't afford to have one at the moment), Aroma Joe's, bubble tea, BK® Whopper Jr., hiking & camping, fairy-tales, debt-free, travelling, observing different cultures and watch Korean drama. 


You might spent days or weeks, googling "NH Best Wedding Photographer" -- and you might get confused with all the awesome photographers you found around the area, to determine what kind of photography you really want. 



Our goal: To make you feel inspireduplifted and to make your wedding experience memorable.
Our style: modern, artistic, romantic, fun and warm.

So, are we the right photographers for you? Check our portfolio and see if our works fit your style.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been in the business?

Our first wedding was in 2012, but I have been a portrait, landscape and journalist photographer since 2002. Tia has been a family, baby and event photographer since 2007. There are still so much to learn and we keep improving our skills in many ways :)

What if I only need 1 photographer?

There will be no difference in our price whether it is one or two photographers. We believe two pairs of eyes are better than one, unless you have a situation where you only need or are allowed to have one photographer, then let us know for sure!

Do you only shot wedding?

No, but wedding is our main market focus.

We shot engagement, senior, portrait, public events and even birthdays in between.

What gear do you use?

We use Canon as our base-system. We don't think you need to know our complete list of equipments, but if you DO, email us! (though we're not sure how it benefits you).

How far will you travel for my wedding?

Our basic coverage includes travel up to 150 miles or 2 hours travel (whichever comes first). There will be travel fees after, and up to 250 miles.

On top of 250 miles, the travel fees will be negotiated based on location and our availability.

What if my hotel, ceremony and reception are at different places?

We do not charge extra fees in most cases. Even if the location for you and your spouse is separated during the preparation, we can work it out together to get both of your preparation covered.

Do I get an engagement session for free?

Yes, we offer up to 90 minutes engagement session for our wedding packages. It is a complimentary, so there will be no discount or cash value if you are opt-out. Engagement session is designed not only as an addition to your personal collections, but to work and know us better in person before your big day.

The location however, is limited to 20 miles from Somersworth, NH. Pretty much NH Seacoast areas, and south of Maine. You may pick your own location, and we can suggest some of our favorite places if you have no clue.

Do I own the full copyright of the image?

Not a full copyright. Copyright is still owned by us, Stovila Photography. You will receive the Print Release to print your pictures for your personal needs. Postcards, posters, canvases, calendars, just to name few, includes sharing the images on your personal social medias with friends & family, as long as they are not for commercial use.

How many pictures should I expect to receive?

Approximately 400-800 pictures, depending on the complexity of your wedding rundown, and the type of guests you have at your wedding :)

Do you have a backup photographers? Are you insured?

We don't have a permanent backup photographers, but we're part of an active local wedding photographer group in New England & NH area, which is a trusted and dependable resource in case of emergency.

And yes, we're fully insured for liability.

How to reserve you guys, and how about the downpayment?

Contact us to check our availability. The reservation is official when the contract is signed, and downpayment is received. Check is our preferred method so we have a tangible document (we're old school huh?), although Credit / Debit card payment is available with small processing fees.